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WINGBURG extends the warranty to 12 years on
  • the galvanized steel parts of the installation box
  • the functionality and smooth running of the trolleys
  • the wear of the anodized aluminium alloy 6060 (10 µm) track.

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With the sliding door systems available on the market, it is possible to install standard sliding door sizes. WINGBURG offers sliding door systems that cover a very wide range of sizes. The maximum door size for CAVIS or BELPORT is 2000 x 3000 mm (width x height). Individual dimensions can be produced as special designs.

Please contact your local authorized dealer or email us at for service requests, parts or accessories.

To find out the prices of WINGBURG systems, simply look under the specific products on our website. You can also contact our authorized dealers.

WINGBURG sliding door systems are ideal for both new construction and renovation projects. In both cases, they are easy to install and provide valuable living space as wall-integrated sliding doors. The time of installation is flexible. Only the work on the wall needs to be coordinated. All other trades are independent. When retrofitting the sliding door system into a solid wall, it is important to ensure that the opening is not widened without the calculation of a structural engineer. Alternatively, a drywall can be installed a short distance in front of the solid wall into which the sliding door system will be integrated.

The electrical installation is made on the stop side of the sliding door in the same way as for any standard door. For the installation of light switches, thermostats, sockets or telephone sockets in the area of the sliding door box, WINGBURG offers its sliding door systems with an optional integrated cable duct. This ensures a safe and standard-compliant electrical installation. Please refer to our current catalog or the product pages on our website for information on finished wall thicknesses.

A door renovation with wall-integrated sliding door systems from WINGBURG gives you valuable living space and increases living comfort. In addition, installation is simple and safe - with any wall construction as well as with existing flooring or underfloor heating. WINGBURG sliding door systems are ideal for retrofitting in drywall construction. The wall covering is removed in the area of the future door and the stud construction is adapted. The appropriate sliding door system is then inserted and the wall, including the sliding door box, is re-clad. In the case of an existing brick wall, the unit is designed for masonry. In this case, some simple precautions should be taken. Make sure the widening of the opening is structurally safe. Once the old swing door has been removed, the opening for the sliding door system is widened with a hammer or flex and a lintel is inserted. At this stage, check that there are no obstructions (electrical cables, hydraulic equipment, columns, etc.) in the part of the wall to be demolished. At this point, the appropriate sliding door system can be installed with the factory plaster support panels and the wall surface can be plastered and finished. When the work is complete, the carpenter installs the sliding door panel. It is safely protected until then. The entire installation can be completed in one day.

No. On the contrary: The plaster base plate gives you the advantage of finishing all surfaces in one go. In addition, a protruding plaster fleece bridges the gap between the wall and the sliding door system. Later cracks are avoided.

Yes. WINGBURG sliding door systems are matched to the standard sizes of door leaves. This allows you to choose from a wide range of solutions. In principle, we recommend selecting the door leaf first. The sliding door system can then be selected to match the height and width. The only thing to consider is the thickness of the door leaf - especially for a door with a glass opening. In this case, the thickness must include the glass holder cover strips. Exact dimensions can be found in our current catalog or on this website. If an all-glass door leaf is chosen, WINGBURG offers matching hardware sets for the respective sliding door system.

WINGBURG sliding door systems are fully integrated into the wall. This allows the door leaf to "disappear" into the wall. Therefore, the system must be adapted to the type of wall. Possible wall thicknesses for a brick wall are 150 mm for the BELPORT system and 145 or 205 mm for the CAVIS system. Sliding door systems for drywall are available for finished wall thicknesses of 100, 125 and 150 mm.

WINGBURG sliding door systems are designed to be particularly robust and to provide high functionality throughout their service life. High-quality construction and resistant materials prevent concave or convex deformation of the sliding door frame. 16 horizontal profiles in the area of the sliding door box ensure high resistance to lateral pressure. They also counteract the stress caused by the aging of the plaster. In addition, the rigidity of the sliding door system is increased by the galvanized steel structure with a thickness of up to 1.2 mm, the metal upper crossbeam and the special lateral ashlar of the metal cladding, ensuring high resistance.

For doors with a heavier weight than the standard (up to 80 kg), special trolleys with a load capacity of 120 kg can be requested.

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